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Mohit Ahuja's Fabacademy 2021

Computer Controlled Machining

Group Project


For this week's assignment, I explored a bunch of different things. I had recently come across this video on youtube from the MIT Media lab channel:

This video was inspiring to me and I wanted to try to come up with an idea that uses some of the mechanisms from the video. I decided to try making the mechanism myself first to understand how it worked. I used simple packaging tape and cardboard to make a model of one of the mechanisms. I unfortunately didn't take any pictures of the mechanism, but the technique of using cardboard and tape to make mechanical prototypes became useful later.

After trying to come up with some application for the kinetix modules, i eventually gave up on the idea due to time restrictions, inability to design something so complex and a lack of motivation. So I moved on to an idea which i was much more inclined towards making. Foldable furniture. I explored a bunch of content on youtube and pinterest, and eventually came up with an idea. I wanted to make a stool that had sliding feed that could be hidden inside the seat of the stool. Initially I wanted it to be a chair, but i downgraded it to a stool to keep the design simple for my first time making something big!

I decided to test my idea by using the technique of making a cardboard and tape prototype. You can see the results below:

After that looked promising, I decided to fire up my Rhino CAD software and started figuring out how everything would work. making the design was not too challenging, and I just wanted to make sure that the stool was at a comfortable height for an average person. For that, I just measured the height of a regular office chair and used that as a basis for my measurements.

This is what it looked like in Rhino after I assembled the parts together. I extruded the parts to the thickness of the plywood sheet that we were going to use to make our models with.

Using Grasshopper to make a Parametric Design

After doing that I decided to make a parametric model in which we could input the parameters for material thickness and some other parameters for making the stool.