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Project Development

1. What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

Completed Tasks:

- CAD design of the device
- Electronics part (PCB)
- The 2D parts of the packaging
- The programming of the ultrasonic sensor

Remaining Tasks:

- To charge the device by using 3.7V Li-Po battery in addition to 5V DC boost
- To design a smartphone application that interfaces with the device
- To program the app with the sensor and a Neopixel led strip

2. What has worked? what hasn't?

The ultrasonic sensor has been controlled by using ESP32CAM microcontroller.
I need to finish the App to modify the programming code.

3. What questions need to be resolved?

I need to solve:

- Why the battery over discharges and how I will solve the problem?
- How would I make the packaging of the device looks like a real product?

4. What will happen when?

When I will present my final project, I'm planing to work on modifying it to benefit from the camera in the microcontroller and to develope an indoor device that would be addition to the smartphone app and that will be wirelessly communicating with the outdoor unit.
In August 2, 2021, I finished all the remaining tasks and I presented my final project.

5. What have you learned?

I learned how to troubleshoot a problem. I learned to plan to finish projects earler before the submitting date because problems are there always. Furthermore, I learned to think for alternatives in case a problem happened, because solving the problem would take long time in some cases and finding an alternative would be better and will save time.

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