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Applications and Implications


Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered.

Final project should incorporate:
- 2D and 3D design
- Additive and subtractive fabrication processes
- Electronics design and production
- Microcontroller interfacing and programming
- System integration and packaging

Final Project: Smart DoorBell

1. What Will it Do?

The Smart DoorBell is an automatic device that will be used to generate bell sound remotely without the need of push button or touch screen. The system will consists of two units, outdoor unit (the device will be placed outside the house) and indoor unit (an application that could be downloaded in android tablets and smart phones). On the outdoor unit a statement will be written says:

Do Not Touch Please
Place your hand infront of the eyes.

So, as people reads the written statement, they will put their hand infront of the device and the bell sound will appear inside the house.
The outdoor unit will consists of ultrasonic sensor to sense bodies that are at a distance of 20cm and below to imediately sends data to the indoor unit through wireless communication to generate ring bell sound.

2. Who's Done What Beforehand?

There are many applications of smart doorbells in the market that uses wireless communication to connect outdoorunit with indoor unit. But I didn't find a product that works without a push button.

3. What Will You Design?
  • - PCB
  • - Packaging
  • - Phone app

    • 4. Componants list:

      ESP32CAM FabLab UAE 49.72 AED
      Ultrasonic Sensor FabLab UAE 17.75 AED
      2500mAh Lithium Ion (LiPo) Battery FabLab UAE 39 AED
      5V Boost for Lithium Battery JX-887Y FabLab UAE 16 AED

      5. What Parts and Systems Will be Made?

      - The packaging
      - The electronics
      - The integrated system

      6. What Processes Will Be Used?

      - For the packaging, I will use Autodesk Fusion360 to design the case and will be cutted by using the Laser Cutting Machine.
      - For the electronics, I will use Autodesk Eagle to design the PCB and will be produced by using the Roland Milling Machine.
      - For the programming, I will use Arduino IDE software to program the ESP32CAM and to control the Ultrasonic sensor.
      - For communication, the Bluetooth in ESP32CAM will be used to wirelessly communicate with Bluetooth of an andriod phone and tablet.

      7. What Questions Need To Be Answered?

      - What is the material will be used for packaging?

      8. How Will It Be Evaluated?

      The Smart Door Bell project will be evaluated by it's ability to generate ring bell sound depending on the readings of the ultrasonic sensor.

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