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About me

Hello, my name is Katie Isard I am 25 years old and this is going to be my website on how I made it through Fab Academy and the journey through each assignment. I am from England in a city called Brighton which is along the south coast.

How I got here?

I have always been into making and designing items when I was younger, anything I could find around the house that I could use I would, especially from the recycling. I also always had a dream of being able to take an engine apart and then being able to put it back together again, lets just say I'm a long way off but I can still dream.

When I was at school I was always in the design and technology block, bugging the workshop technician for any help I could get. I then did an art foundation at the Kingston University realised I am more of a designer than a fine artist which took me to coming to Brighton University to do 3D Design and Craft. Here I learnt many skills from, working in metal to wood then to polymers which is anything from resin to silicon to textiles. We could also learn how to use CAD software and machines such as laser cutters which did interest me but wasn't something, I was wanting to put all my time into then. But I chose ceramics as I enjoy playing with the clay and the outcomes you get which are nothing like any other material. I graduated from University in 2018 and from there stayed in Brighton hoping to live here and have an amazing job at the same time.

Skip forward 2 years and here I am...

What I do now?

I work at Plus X Brighton as a workshop technician, we are a co working space with creative individuals and companies renting out desks. I maintain the machines and do inductions for our members who want to use the workshop. We have many machines which they can use here such as Prusa 3D printers, Trotec laser cutters, Roland CNC milling machines and wood working machines. The best part about my job is that I can be helping someone with an issue and as we are getting through that together I am learning all the time.

What I enjoy doing in my free time?

During my free time I enjoy going on walks a long Brighton sea front, taking photos with my film camera which is a Olympus trip 35 and I love it! I also bake gluten free cakes, play cards and soon when covid is over will start going to the cinema again, oh and I appreciate a pub when they open up again.

How I came to doing Fab Academy?

My manager at Plus X had participated in the 2018 Fab Academy and now working here, thought it would be a great way for me to learn the machines and of course, I jumped at the opportunity! I honestly didn't have any idea about what I was getting myself into but couldn't be happier with the outcome. I can't wait to learn all these amazing skills and have this website to show what I have learnt over the next 6 months.

My experince with Digital Fabication

Having never done any designing circute boards, soldering, using CAD software or programming ever, I am looking forward to learning about it all and the jounrey is going to be very interesting. I look forward to guiding you throught this journey with me as I progress and learn all these new skills as I go... wish me luck!

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