4.Electronics Production:

18-02-2021 | Jai Hanani

1. Objectives:

2.Group Assignment: characterize the design rules for your PCB production process. Essentialy, make this: Linetest

3.Individual Assignment: make an in-circuit programmer by milling and stuffing the PCB, test it, then optionally try other PCB processes

4. Files, Planning, Tools:




5. Definitions, on-the-go:

Note: Most helpful videos I could find on Bootloading, ISP, UPDI, JTAG: Video 1 & Video 2

6. Modela MDX milling machine:

7. Our lab is equipped with Roland Modela MDX-20 milling machine. To put it simply, it is composed of a base platform, which includes the bed, which can be solely moved in y-direction, and the carriage which holds the mill, moves the mill in x-direction. The core working mechanism is same as any other plotter, nothing fancy there.

8. The bulk of the work is done using the mills of two sizes 1/64 and 1/32:

From Sir Jogin Francis's Documentation

9. Tracing the PCB:

10. I never milled a PCB before, nor did I used a PCB milling machine. But I always wanted designing a circuit and etch a PCB.

I am fabricating FabTinyISP by Bryan. Here are the related files:

Click on the image to download.

Click on the image to download.

Part 1: Setting up the Modela MDX:

Part 2: Fab Mods

Part 3: Cutting out the PCB.

There it was my first PCB.

11. Soldering:

First and foremost, we have to make a document regarding the components we would need. These were the ones:

Now I do have some experience in soldering, but never as full-scale as this.

12. Checking:

After a fruitful discussion with my instructor Jogin Francis regarding programmers, and programmees, we flashed my device to check if it's being detected by devices.

It was.

Here we see the PCB being recognized as the USB by the computer.

Note: But I have to note that I did not actively engage in this process. Therefore, I decided to go through the process all over again. And maybe program the PCBs of my friends using my programmer.

13. Programming:

Funny vid of Abel and me.

Group Assignment:

Essentially, we are tasked to find the thinnest PCB trace that can be milled out of a MDX 20 milling machine.

Circuit designed by FabAcademy.

End Result