16.Applications and Implications:

21-05-2021 | Jai Hanani

1. Objectives:

Get the assignment done, of course.

2. Assignment:

Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered.

    What will it do?

  1. It measures the height of a person using a Ultrasonic Sensor, and display the height on a electro-chemical I2C LCD.
  2. Who's done what beforehand?

  3. https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/mircemk/diy-arduino-height-measuring-machine-0437dd
  4. What will you design?

  5. What materials and components will be used?

  6. How much will they cost?

  7. What parts and systems will be made?

  8. What processes will be used?

    What questions need to be answered?

  9. The Range and The Precision of the Ultrasonic Sensor
  10. How will it be evaluated?

  11. If it can reliably measure the height of the person, with |1|cm accuracy.
    It can account for sudden jumps in the analog inputs, when a person moves in or out.
    It can display the average height, and the maximum height of the person.