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WEEK 2 Computer Aided design

Individual Assignment

  • Model (raster, vector, 2D, 3D, render, animate, simulate, ...) a possible final project, compress your images and videos, and post it on your class page
  • 2D Design (Raster)

    I tried GIMP for the first time and liked it a lot.
    There are three things I found out this software is nice.

    1.Layer function
    2.Various fun brushes
    3.Keeping Edit History

    With those characteristics, I could edit my sketch for final project.

    I used the layer function,put my rough sketch under the new layer and colored over it with brushes.
    One problem I had was that I couldn't change color for brush. Then I reallized I have to change mode to RGB from upper tab.

    Even I had mistakes, GIMP has keeping history function, so that It was easy to go back.
    Another vector design software I have used is Paint. Pros for Paint are no need to install and its simplicity. However I could draw, color, and edit much farther easily with many functions of GIMP.

    2D Design (Vector)

    Inkscapewas another choice for rastor design. It is an open-source vector-graphics designing software available free of cost. I compared it with Adobe Illustrator and chose Adobe Illustrator as a result.
    The best thing about it is coorperation with Adobe Capture CC. Adobe Capture CC is a fabulous app that enables you to convert raster image to vector image from your phone.
    There are only three steps.

    By using this upp, I made the logo for my final project with my handdrawing

    3D Design (Design, Render, Animate)

    Fusion 360
    I chose Fusion 360 for 3D design. I also tried xDesign but since it is the fully browser-based tool, it didn't work smoothly on my computer( probably due to the spec of my computer.)

    At first, I designed wooden square-shaped cup for my final project. The cup are assembled with 5 uneven faces.
    I'll made this cup by wood, so I changed the surface to cherry wood by using appearance function.(It was the most fun part of work!) For the size of wooden cup is width 56mm,depth56mm,hight 39mm. I refered the following websites for the size.
    ref:masu/SHOWA SHOJI CO. ,LTD.

    Next, I challenged rendering.I didn't know renderings took much time to progress...during the process, I shouldn't have touched anything.

    I could choose scene behind the object from "scene setting" functions. I made this surreal situation.The wodden cup on the pathways....

    The next thing I did was making water fountain for my final project.This type of water fountain is used in Japanese gardens.when A trickle of water goes into the upper end of the bamboo tube, the tube rotates by the weight of the water. The heavier end eventually move to the ground, and dump out the water. The other end then falls back against the rock, making a sharp sound, and twoodhe cycle repeats.

    I skecked with parameters I set to make each parts of the fountain.

    The following is the designing process.

    I enjoyed using appearance function again, by chosing the image of bamboo to make the surface real.

    Finally, I moved on to the next step ... animation. I selected the joints, and adjust the moves with Motion study function.

    After exporting it to mp4 data, I trimed it and added the sound of water by using CapCut app on the phone.

    3D Preview


  • 2D Design(Raster) Files  jpgxcf(GIMP)
  • 2D Design(Vecter) Files  svgai(Adobe Illustrator)
  • 3D Design(Wooden Cup)Files  stlf3d(Fusion360)
  • 3D Design(Water Fountain)Files  stlf3d(Fusion360)

  • Written by Natsuka Kamei 亀井 夏香