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WEEK19 Project Development

Individual Assignment

Complete your final project, tracking your progress:

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
Completed Tasks

-Design and laser-cut the center box to hold the arm, the folding box, the plates for the loadcells, the stands for OLEDs.
-Cut the bamboo with the saw to make the sake container and the cover for the arm.
-Assemble alminium flames and fasten the joints and screws for the arm.
-Design and 3D print the joint to connect bamboo and the servo motor.
-Desgin the main board with ATTiny3216,and three mini boards for each OLED and the load cell ,mill them with a CNC milling machine, solder,and debug.
-Write program for each part individually(three OLEDs, three load cells, two servo mortors)

Remaining Tasks

-Write program to integrate all parts togetherby June 7(Mon)
-Connect the wires and hide them in the folding boxby June 12(Sat)
-Fasten the screws and glue to fix the positions of the load cells,OLEDs, June 13(Sun)
-Write more details on my final project pageby June 16(Wed)
-Make the June 12(Sat)
-Make the videoby June 14(Mon)br>
(wow it’s A LOT.)

what's working? what's not?

-System integlation of the archtechture.
-Calibration of three load cells.
-Program for two servos to rotate and lean of appropritate degree.
-Program for OLEDs to show the logo and message.

Not Working

- Interlock the three load cells, two servos,and three OLEDs,

what questions need to be resolved?

How can I write the program to connect all parts together?
How can I fix the unexpected initial moves of the servo motors..

what will happen when?

I noted them in green above “Remaining Tasks”.

what have you learned?

Should I answer this question only for the final project or the entire Fab Academy??
If it’s latter…


-Designing my own board with EAGLE.
-Milling the board
-Finding the right electric parts and soldering them.
-Debugging in various ways such as the microscope, serial monitor, and multimeter.

2D Design

-Designing 2D data with Adove illustrator and CorelDraw.
-Laser-cut more collectly with the kerf.
-Making easily understandable presentation slides.

3D design

-Designing 3D and patrametric data with Fusion 360. -3D printig with less support and shorter time as possible.


-Write the code from examples ,rewrite it, and test it (still lots to learn…)
-Making the website in HTML and Markdown.


-Planning and time management skills.
-Patience(especially when I try debugging)
-Cooperativeness( from the group project of machine building)