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9. Mechanical design & Machine design

compare the performance and development workflows for other architectures

Infividual Assignment

In this project, I proposed and researched a soap bubble machine that is the basis of our ideas. I had the idea of making a sound according to the size of the bubble and the movement, but I often remade the members that fix the five servos.

Our idea

While the group came up with some ideas, everyone’s image was agreed upon in the research on the soap bubble machine I brought. We talked about wanting to take a video outside because the season is good. Bubble machines in the world come in a variety of sizes. We had a lot of discussions about how it would be automated.

Research existing tools

Determine the volume of the machine

Create parts that support servos

Adjust the distance from Wands to soap bubble water

Attach the shading sensor to the servo side

Bonus; I can invent an instrument with a by-product of cutting out Wands


Two acts are linked by sensing. I think it was difficult to determine the size of each other while making the two machines separately. I don’t have the skills to do the whole design perfectly yet, but I thought that I should gain experience in prototyping. I would like to learn design and implementation repeatedly. I don’t think either one is enough. There were some parts that I couldn’t understand until I tried it, and some phenomena that were different from what I expected, so I replaced the parts. Trial and error was very educational. Mr. Tamiya kindly advised us on procuring parts that we have never used.

Last update: April 8, 2021