Week_10 - Applications and Implications

What will it do?

My idea for the project is an open source midi controller adapted to handle graphics programs. The main purpose of this device will be to make it easier for graphic designers to work and to transfer virtual sliders and knobs to reality.

Who's done what beforehand?

In recent months, a number of companies have emerged to provide comprehensive hardware and software solutions. The projects presented by the companies are very well done and rich in many options.
  • Pallete Gear
  • TourBox

    What will you design?

    I will design the pcb board, the shape of the controller and the application mock-up on the computer.

    What materials and components will be used?

  • sliders
  • knobs,
  • buttons,
  • potentiometers,
  • attiny,
  • 3d prints,
  • plexiglass,
  • usb cable,
  • leds,
  • cley for creating the sculpture of the device which will be 3d scan and transfer to cad software.

    Where will come from?

    Most of the components I already have. Some of will be recycled from old fablab projects and audio devices.

    How much will they cost?

  • Slider (potentiometer) - free (2$)
  • knobs (potentiometer) - free (2$)
  • filament - 10 $
  • attiny - 1$
  • other electric parts - 15$
  • cley - 5$
  • silicon for molding - 10$
  • resin for molds - 5$

    What parts and systems will be made?

  • PCB of the device
  • shell of the design
  • mockup of the app for PC
  • What processes will be used?
  • 3D designing in Fusion 360 and Rhinoceros 3D for a design of the device
  • 3D scanning to get right shape to fit the device in the hand as effectively as possible
  • Designing the PCB for all the electronic in Eagle
  • Programing controller to communicate as midi with pc
  • CNC milling to create the PCB and also to create a button part of the device
  • Molding for knobs making mold in silicon and cast it in resin

    What questions need to be answered?

    In the near future I need to take a closer look at the midi-computer communication, I recently bought a midi audio controller. I have to check what are the possibilities of implementing scripts to programs in order to use the full functionality of the device. As of today, I know that there shouldn't be any problem with Adobe programs that support many types of scripts, but unfortunately, the affinity group of programs doesn't have this functionality yet. From the free programs I hope that I will be able to decipher the secrets of midi operation in Gimpa and Inkscape.

    How will it be evaluated?

    As a final project I would like the prototype version of the device to communicate with the computer and cooperate with as many programs as possible. Another important aspect, but less important is good packaging of the product - design and functionality. Another important aspect is the ergonomics of the product, which I will certainly spend a little more time on. I would like to finally create a computer application that would facilitate assigning buttons to tasks.

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