Week_1 - Principles and Pratices

Even before I started working on the website, I got acquainted with http://fab.cba.mit.edu/about/charter/, and I'm going to follow these rules


First week assignment was to familiarise with Github and code/creat a web page for a documentation. I was think it's not difficult at all. I've already managed to code simple pages into html and css. So full of optimism and with "5 minutes in mind and I'm free" I sit down to the computer.

I turned on previously installed Atom (free application for code / text editing). I installed html-preview (it wasn't without a quick google reaserch and a video on YT how to install a Packege, it turned out that it wasn't a packege but a plugin ;O ) and I started coding.

heh... after 5 minutes it turned out that I don't remember anything and I won't be able to learn until next week and code the page from scratch, so I started searching. The page was supposed to be simple in appearance and not complicated in terms of code. Perfectly useful was the page recommended by Fabacedemy in the link from tamplets. After a couple of hours of searching I decided to use Phantom by HTML5 UP, as it turned out to be very popular among FabAcedemy students.

Taking a line of code after a line of code, like Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan during D-Day operation, I managed to create the homepage and subpages as I thought it would be (I'm sure I'll still be editing the site visually during the project, but for now it's ok).I would like to add that in order to repeat how to use html for writing the web page I used polish html course. I've added graphics with limited disk space on my mind I compressed the quality (in my favorite raster editor Affinity) t o such a point that the images look nice but also don't take too much space.

Gitlab The Force Awakens

So another comparison to the world of film. I thought I know what Git is, I've used repositories and files on Github many times, but I always thought it's a kind of file hosting for open source programs... Wow what gitlab has the ability to learn and find out with every tutorial and every problem I've encountered.

It started with some problems with the account where I tried to log in with fablabs.io account and luckily my instructor and I came up with a simple idea to just reboot the password (a few moments later an email from fabacdemy came to do exactly that).

Welcome! You can now access the Fab Academy 2020 Archive. Instructions for log-in: 1. Go to https://gitlab.fabcloud.org/ 2. Your temporary password was generated randomly. Please use the "forgot password" option to reset the password. 3. Use the same email you used for registering to Fab Academy when you filled the form 4. DO NOT USE the "Fablabs" button, 2020 session is not available yet. 5. Once you are in, please set your notifications from Global to Watch. This way, you will receive emails when an Issue is created. As you know, ISSUE TRACKERS is the way we communicate from now on. So make sure you receive them.

The next step after successful login was to create your SSH keys, which on macosx was trivially simple just go to settings on gitlab, then SSH keys, then generate one to tutorial and do it step by step.
Next switch on terminal ( CMD+space ) write terminal and enter .

Then type

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C "[email protected]"

add a password or simply click on it ( eneter ) to copy the generated key, preferably type (for macosx )

pbcopy < ~/.ssh/id_ed25519.pub

you paste the key in the gitlab, you name the device.

Uff it was easy, the next steps were a little bit harder. I downloaded probably all the git gui clients that were on the market and started to check which one would suit me. The final choice fell on GitKraken, which first of all looks nice and has a lot of positive feedback. I learned how to install, configure and handle it from Matthieu Borgognon FabAcedemy website .

I created a special folder where I put all the files I wanted to upload (in my case it was the site) and the second one where I made my first PULL :) Great feeling of how something works. I've moved the files to the gitlab folder, confirmed the changes, added a comment and pressed PUSH. So I've managed to write my website address on fabacdemy and ...

nothing, still old tamplet prepared by fabacdemy. I started looking for how to add html page I found another Lucio student's website and it turned out that he has a page made by himself so I quickly found his Gitlab and started to analyze what is wrong. It turned out that there is such thing as a pipeline, which is responsible for executing commands after uploading files. i I found the solution to my problem was a gitlab-ci.yml file so I downloaded it to myself and push it on the gitlab... It didn't work, it turned out that you have to do it from the platform.

I added gitlab-ci.yml file by choosing new file (+) - template gitlab-ci.yml file - apply template HTML - wright a message and then commit changes.

everything started to work, the website has started. Journey Begins!