Project Development

What tasks have been completed & what tasks remain?

After the first wave of the pendemie i could finally come back to the lab, but due to important medical appointement i only have a month to finish the assignements & my final project.

Before going to the lab i prepare a quick develepoment planning for organize my self

At the times of the week 19 all the fabrications for final project, molding and casting, wildcard week still to do du to the long shut down in this particular years...
The plan is to start by launching a part of the assignement missing due to shutdown, and to finish it on every blank times i could have on the Final Project development.
For the final project i planned to first make all my PCB prototype for Debuging & testing my codes & design.
And simultaneously launch the different 3D prints i need or PMMA cut with the laser to have a functional prototype to test all my design. Before making my Final Project masterpiece.

But some probleme occure: Communication between boards take a long time to me for fixing it / some of composant i need be late to delivery.....

After my presentation it just remain to me to add a normalized power supply to the project (for the moment working on a Laboratory power supply)

You could find all the completed task & more information on the final project develepoment on the Final Porject page

What has worked? What hasn't?

On the design i made on the quarantine time i envisage to place 2 separate screen, but i decide to simplify myself by putting only one.
An other point is the room temperature & humidity sensor, for the moment i put this part on the side for a futur developpement, due to the short times it remain to me for fabricate & present my final project...

What questions need to be resolved?

For my final project, i don't have a lot of question: where i put it on my home now? or more important how i could improve it?
For me the real question i need to resolve is : What i want to do & what could i do now with all the skill i learned, to change a little bit this world?

What will happen when?

I spend a lot of time on designing things for this project on the quarantine times, now the lab could welcome me again on the 15 june & i have to realize all the fabrications, the programmation, the debugging before the 15 of jully.
After that i have one week to prepare the final slide & video and fix the last bug to be ready for the presentations july 22.

What have you learned?

I learned a lot of thing this year:

  • Document as you go..... Neil said that every times and he have totaly right (i don't make it, and it's harder to document after.)
  • Take pictures of your work (a photo time line could be a good remenber when you need to wait a month before comming back on your documentation.)
  • It's easy to imagine, to design something but sometimes it totaly harder to make it real ^^
  • When i start the fabacademy i'm like "John Snow" about electronics / mechanical / digital fabrications. But now i learned how to make "almost" anything. I learned how to use a CNC, a lasercutter, a 3d printer, and a lot of differente machines. I also learned i could make this machine by myself.
    I also learned i could explained to others people to make and to learn by making things.
    I also learned when i talking with others students and instructor, that an other world is possible, by education, by sharing, by beleving on it.