WildCard Week

The objectif on the wild card week is to work on something not covered by others assignements.

At "la machinerie" they have a machine really intersting: A numerical embrodery machine

On the class i ask Neil about embrodery & i said it's good for this week, but could be really worth to make a functional embrodery.

Challenge accepted:

My goal is to realize a fabric keypad like the classical 4*4 arduino one

For this i want to use the Janome Memory Craft 500 E

For preparing my embroery i need to prepare the design on Inkscape & after use a extensions on it call inkstitch

I prepare a design in two part: the first parts for cut a copper tape on the vinyl cutter, the second one for embrode on the janome.

I cut the copper part with the silhouette Cameo using an extensions for inkscape (Inkscape-silhouette)
This extensions could be a little bit tricky to install, but well explained on the github.

To use it is really easy :

  • Open your document with inkscape.
  • Ensure the unit of document width and height is mm or inch, but not px. (File - Document settings - Page - Custom - Unit mm)
  • Convert all objects and texts to paths (Path - Convert object to path)
  • Select the parts you want to plot.
  • Open Extension (Extensions - Export - Send to Silhouette)

Now we could Set the Plot parameters

Juste have to soldering some canle on each row for the futur use and the result:

Ok this part is finish let's go for the real parts of this assignement.

Numerical embrodery

For this part i first going to keep only the outline of my design, transform all object to path and launch the inkstitch extensions

going to extensions -> inkstitch -> parameters

The embrodry point lock nice to me, i choose to keep it like this and export the file on .JEF is the format for the Janome machine.

I dowload the file on a usb stick for use it with the machine. Where i could open it.

But on a first step i have to place some fabric on the machine for this i use a 2 parts plastic piece make for keep the fabric tight & give to the machine the capability to move it without it move on.

When it's fix to the machine chek where you want to place your stitch programm on the fabric

And we are ready to go

When the machine have finish i place my copper keyboard i make (i just had some thermal retractable tube for isolating the 4 wires on the top) on the embroded fabric and glue anothers piece of fabric on the back with white vinyl glue, and cute around when dry.

Here you could find the full svg files