Applications & Implications

This week assignement is all about the "Final Project" masterpiece.
For the assignement we have to define it & answer some question about it, let's go...

What will it do?

The project is to do a mechanical weather forecast, displaying selected locations weather & captured house temperature & humidity for statistic.
i want to make it for have a easy viewing of curent & futur weather.

Who's done what beforehand?

Looking on internet you could find a lot of different weather station, differnet price & quality but always with only a screen as display.
I find some pryor yars Fabacademy student made some artistical & really interseting project about weather forecast

What will you design?

In this project i want to improve myself & all the new skill i learn during the Fabacademy.
For this i chose to design and realise myself as musch as i can, following this link you could see my electronics design for each modules on my Final project page.
And you could see all my CAD work on this link.

What materials and components will be used? / How much will they cost? / Where will come from?

You could find the Bill Of Material on my final project page just here

What parts and systems will be made?

The objectif is to made a maximum of the differents parts by my self:

  • Designing, milling, solder of all my node PCB.
  • Designing & fabrication of the project enclosure.
  • Conception, design & fabrication of the mechanical display.
  • All the code & programming of each modules.

What processes will be used?

  • 3D printing = Stepper-motors Gears & the Box.
  • Laser Cutting = Plexyglass Display Gear.
  • CNC Milling = Front Panel & all the PCB.

What questions need to be answered?

Due to my level when i start the fabacademy curse, a lot of question stay to be answered.
But one of the most importante for me today is : My led coud transmit or not on the side of my gear display???

How will it be evaluated?

I think it will be evaluated on my capacity to produce a clean, nice & working finale project.