Principles & Practices

HERE WE GO !!!!!!

New place, New people, i waiting this moment so far...


For the 6 month of the Fabacdemy i moved to Amiens and take a place on the coworking space of " la machinerie".
A nice, warm & quite place. Under the coworking space we have the FABLAB,
a great workshop of digital fabrication & quick prototyping. With 3D printing machines, CNC, Laser cutter and a lot more content,
alows eveyone to quickly prototyping physical objects, electronique project or anithing you want.
All this place working wiith a association status.

Want to know more about this place ?? take a look HERE.

More informations about FABLAB check The Fab Charter.

A potential Final Project.......

A lot of different ideas come on my head for this subject...
But the one i keep is multipurpose Weather Forecast.

I find a lot of weather forecast project on the internet & and the fabacademy prior years project for inspired myself.
Take a look :

For my forecast project i want to achieved a mechanical display made of 3 plexy wheel changing position when the weather change.
Each wheel should be lighting with LED inspired by the LIXIES project.
The forecast use the Openweathermap API, for taking weather information.
I think of adding a temperature & humidity sensor, for inside house informations.
And two LCD display for showing insisde & outside temperature& humidity value.

My objectif is to make as more as possible of this project by myself and have a less premade solution on it.

You could find more about it on my Final Project page.