Applications and implications


  • Propose a Final Project That Integrates The Range of Units Covered, Answering:

what will it do?

  • I want to make a device that is used to measure the Electrical Energy Consumption on Real-time. This device is Design with the help of Energy Metering IC ADE7757. Furthermore, I have added the Networking section to transfer the Real-time Data on the Web page. where user and Owner of Power Supply company will check the Energy Consumption, This device can help us to improve the load shading issues and correct the unassumed balloing system, We can save more Energy from the misused.

    Who's done what beforehand?

    Following tasks are completed:

  • Electronics break out Board of Energy Meter IC ADE7757 PCB finalized .
  • Interfacing break out IC board and Mirco controler is ready and working
  • LCD Interface is ready and working
  • 3D design is finalized.
  • Networking and communiation section is ready
  • What Materials and Components will be used?

    For the design I need these Electrical componets

  • Energy Metring Ic ADE7757.
  • Shunt Resistor 250 micro Ohm
  • ESP- Wemos R1 D1 Module
  • Nokia LCD 5110 or TFT LED 1.44" 128x 128 with SPI Interface
  • Electronics Circuit Design And Miiling
  • 3D Design and Printing tools and PLA material.
  • Electrical Switch for Input and Output
  • Electrical Load Like Bulbs three to Four with 100/200W
  • Eletectrail Baord or Socket , Holders and Switch for controlling.
  • Power Supply of 5 Voltage
  • 50 t0 60 gram of PLA material used for the 3D design
  • Where will come from?

    Almost all of the materials were avialbale in the inventory of our lab, so with the permissions from the concerned authority,I used all the components mentioned above present in the lab.This makes my job bit easier since I did not need to worry about the availability of any component.

    What is Total cost of Project?

    The total cost of this Project is $19.9 , and this is estimated Cost for the Energy Meter,and for the 3d design we need 50 gram to 60 gram of PLA that cost is near to $9 to $10 .

    What parts and systems will be made?

  • Electronics: The PCBs-Break out IC board design and LCD interface
  • PCB board of Wifi interfacing circuit (ESP8266)
  • PCB board of power circuit (Charging lipo and supply power)
  • 3D Prinitng: The 3D casing design for the Meter
  • Application on Web Server to recive the data
  • Networking and Programmable of ESP- Module
  • What processes will be used?

  • 3D modeling using Solidworks: 3D casing design.
  • Electronics: PCB Break out Board designing for ADE7757, and Input Output board and Power Section
  • Electroincs Production:, Milling and soldering.
  • Programming: Wifi Module Interface ,LCD interfacing and Input reading from the Break out board of Energy Meter
  • Networking and Communication: Share the Energy consumption data through Wifi to the webpage.
  • Interface Development: TCP client.
  • What is the Schedule ?

    I have Divided my Project work in to parts and that is given below

  • First Part: Electronics circuit design and Milling the board
  • Second part : Embedded Programing and debugging.
  • Third Part : 3D design and printing
  • Fourth part: Netwroking and web interfacing
  • Fifith Part: Putting all parts together and test
  • What Questions Need to be answered?

  • The Major question is realted this project what is the deffernet between your Energy meter with other design Energy Meters
  • How to Market this Meter
  • What cast will be charges
  • Why display size is small.
  • How will it be Evaluated?

  • This Energy Meter project will be Evaluated by real time Demostration will be Given and having these Features
  • Power consumption monitoring
  • low Cost , light weight and small size
  • Easy Interface with every appliances like Air conditioner , Iron , Room.
  • Wifi connectivity and Remotely data monitoring
  • Electronics design cased with 3D and printing

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