Final Project

Audio speaker (Computer-controlled machining, week 07)

In week 7(Computer-controlled machining), I made my original speaker as an outcome from assignment of "make something big".

Backload horn speaker

I cut plywood by a large CNC and assembled the other materials like speaker unit, terminal, acrylic windows(cut by laser cutter) and calbes altogether.

All the detail process (design, mill and assemble) and bill of materials etc. are written in individual assignment page of Week7(Computer-controlled machining).

Connection with amplifier and devices

I acquired a 8 US dollars small digital amplifier in amazon. Though there would be options that I can make an audio amplifier by my own, I bought this because I want to concentrate on the "Pot" design and process using senseors and MIDI signals.

Testing embedded program sounds

I did an sound experiment as outcomes of week9 individual/group assignment of "embedded programming".

Experiment1) Scale controll using potentiometer

Arduino code using Mozzi library make sounds. Arduino 9 pin is connected to audiojack and sounds come from speaker. The video sounds is recorded by microphone embedded in iophone.

Experiment2) Live coding by Sonic-Pi using potentiometer

Sonic-Pi on Raspberry Pi make sounds. Raspberry Pi audio jack is connected and sounds come from speaker. The video sounds is reorded by a headset microphone connected to Macbook Pro.

Live coding on Sonic-Pi

Experiment3) TBD: After I revise the amplifier into "monaural mode", I will come back to test the audio sound.