Final Project

Architectural Overview (ver.0.1, week04)

Thorough week4, I think architectural overview that can tell how my PoTone system is made by application and system components and how that work together.

Architectural Overview (week04)

Architectural Overview(ver 0.1)

This diagram is initial architectural design overview of my final project from application and interfaces. This will be revised thorough FabAcademy 2020. I made this for specifying which programmer I should make for a weekly assignment in week4(Electronics production).

Luckily, at the global session of "Electronics Production" in week 4, random generator finds me and I had a chance to be reviewed about weekly assignment and my idea of final project. Here is what Neil advised me about final project.

Advice from Neil
  • RFID chips in objects a possibility
  • With vision, ESP32 can talk to Hi-def camera...the module can be built into my project for image recognition.
  • ESP32 is not only for wifi contains a powerful processor of three - for computing, another for communicating, another for power management and also Bluetooth peripheral; a faster processor with larger word size for better image processing work
  • ESP32-cam has stronger capability than Arducam
  • once data collected...javascript can be used for image processing tasks (edge detection, motion, etc)


Weekly Assignment
Design reference