Final Project

DIY MUSIC on DESKTOP - MQTT feature for PoTone

In mechanical design and machine building assignment, we(Kamakura and Kannnai students) organized “team MODS(Machine Orchestra at Distant Society)” that we played remotely by networking machines at each member's home.

As "team MODS", We applied to DIY MUSIC on DESKTOP on 25th July 2020 that is spinoff event organized by Maker Faire Tokyo/Kyoto . This is online event that shares the music performance by Zoom video conference from staying at home. If that application is accepted, students who can join would perform in real time together or showing recorded video to audiences in Youtube Live. We passe audition and did performance on Youtube Live.

We applied as trio version of the band with Oguri(Haru)(drum machine) and Yume(conductor Elmo).

I added the MQTT feature so that PoTone can publish MQTT message per BPM(tempo) on python application code instead of Node-RED. BPM can be controlled by potentiometer and that coordinates the behaviors of slide guitar machine, drum machine(in remote) and conductor Elmo(in remote) over MQTT on AWS IoT.

The source code including MQTT feature on aws_mqtt branch in github repository.

This is "how to make sounds by almost anything" - Putting 3D printed whistle and digitally sewed patches on top, make sounds by slide guitar machine and PoTone.

Youtube live performance on 25 July is archived: