Ahmed Ibrahim

Egyptian hardcore maker passionate about making some cool electronics random stuff, software and meme addict.

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About Me

I believe that anyone can do and learn anything at any time, no matter your color, age, political or sex orientation. You can learn programming, developing circuit boards, building some cool robots or even cooking or playing some dope music are not just monopolized over a specific class of people. We all can learn it or even tinkering with it (it’s healthy!). Or Making Some Stuff for just Making Some Stuff. I feel I’m lucky, to find early your passion to a thing enough to spend your life doing that thing it’s not that easy. I found my passion in making things. I don’t care about if this thing will change the world at the end or not, but I care about the process itself. I love making things so I will keep making things. As simple as that.

I’m a 23 years old Computer Science Student who born, raised and living in Egypt(Yeah I hear you, pyramids and camels). Currently, I’m working as an Electronics Instructor at “San3a Academy” San3a Academy offers a STEM learning experience and content through its project-based diplomas and workshops and it’s one of San3a Tech's (Fab Lab Egypt) sub-brands. Formerly, I worked as a Robotics Trainer in the STEM education field at “Mujed Academy”. Besides my work in the field of teaching, I worked as an Educational Content Creator at “Mellbell Electronics” which is a hardware startup based in Jordan.

Since I love making stuff, I also love documenting and publish them open-source to the community. I published some projects related to Robotics, Electronics, IoT and PCB Design on Hackster.io, makesomestuff.org (My personal website) If you consider yourself as an electronics geek, Check em out you gonna like it. Finally, Lemme tell you a secret I’m a MEME addict.

Why Fab Academy?

The main reason why I decided to join the Fab Academy is that I want to dive more deep in the technical stuff like Electronics, Programming, CAD, Machining and digital fabrication. Yeah I could do all of that online by myself without committing to a 6 months(or 8 months, who knows!) program but I will not get a very important thing which is working in a team. But, by joining a program like the Fab Academy you will work in a team which is a very important thing to me. We can talk and share ideas with each other, support each other or even share food together.

As I said before, I love making and sharing with the community. So, a program like the Fab Academy will help me to develop my technical and projects documenting skills so I can share more useful and cool projects and give back more to the community.