Lucio Pentagna

KEY DISCIPLINE: Tech hardware, 3D printers, digital manufacture, Prototyping, engineer at heart, maker


Lucio, Brazilian, Law Graduate and MBA in Business, ex executive, turned around his life, sold his house and bought a sailboat, crossed the Atlantic twice and lived for a WHOLE year with his family aboard, sailing around the coast of Brazil and Caribbean Islands. Loves Inventing, sailing, practicing Kung Fu and cooking. While he was living in Shanghai he joined the Shanghai Hackespace.

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My lab - Algarve Fab Farm

Located in the western Algarve, Portugal in a secluded farmland, 20 minutes from beautiful surf beaches. The Fab Farm besides the usual fab lab equipment will have around rooms for guests, sponsored residents and staff. The Fab Farm is inside the farmland and aims to serve: - Local farmers interested in developing new techniques and equipments; - Startups or companies: away from city noise to best complete their projects; - Residents with relevant projects around farming; - Occasional hackers/makers in vacation;

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Final Project

Electronic Components Vending Machine

For my Final project I decided on developing a very nescessary Fab Machine. A vending machine of electronics components. I hope this machine will take some of the burden of fab Managers free from doing inventory and sale of components, as everything will happen automatically.

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