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Why in Kinshasa

The Democratic Republic of Congo, our country, like the rest of the African continent is in a period of reconstruction and affirmation. Kinshasa is the first city in the world where road traffic is regulated by a rolling robot. This invention, the work of a Congolese engineer is commissioned around the world and proves that the African, placed in optimal conditions, can surprise the world in the field of technology. However, the DRC suffers from a glaring lack of technological infrastructure. Students in telecommunications or engineering are not always in touch with the content of their courses. A material problem whose persistence is a fatal blow on the mental plane thus limiting the creative genius of more than one.


Ideas have legs. It is advisable, to this day, to ask if this joke is not gone! Nowadays, ideas are turning into reality at a super sonic speed. In the field of football, innovations such as the goal line technology or the Var are still astonishing. Maradona may not have been successful with the famous hand of God, Ghana would have been the first African nation to reach the last four in a World Cup (the hand of Suarez as the ball had crossed the line) if there had been these innovations. All these gadgets and other applications that land every year in our homes only confirm that the assertion that ideas can not be stopped, in the same way that the field of creativity can not be limited.

Technological Contribution

Our fablab pursues among others the objective of meeting the needs of customization of the needs of the populations of Central Africa in general and of the DRC in particular, a finality: to create an ideal environment for the blooming of the Congolese and African creative genius. An opportunity to push the ideas of each other as far as possible. Thus, the Masslow scale can undergo a modification. It is no longer enough to be socially comfortable enough to satisfy one's needs for self-fulfillment. Thanks to Kdc fablab, a physiological need can be customized taking into account the purchasing power of our peoples.

Weekly Projects

Week 1

Principles and Practices

Week 2

Management Project

Week 3

Computer-aided Design

 Week 4

Computer-Controlled Cutting

 Week 5

Electronics Production

Week 6

3D Scanning and Printing

Week 7


 Week 8

Computer-Controlled Machining

 Week 9

Embedded Programming

 Week 10

Molding & Casting

 Week 11

Input devices

Week 12

Output devices

 Week 13

Applications and Implications

 Week 14


Week 15


Final Projects

Week 23

home Automation


It by real that we live, it is by ideal that we exist

  • Cedric DIUR

    Fab Academy Student 2019

    I am a Congolese citizen with a degree in Networks and Telecommunications from the Arab University of Sciences from Tunis and certified Cisco IT Management, I have made the telecommunication and technology sector the essence of my life.

  • Professional life

    To my credit, many internships including the most important at Tunisie Telecom and at Vodacom DRC. My experience at Tunisie Telecom, the Tunisian and Maghrebian giant in the telephony sector security, subscriber access management, and automatic configuration of network hardware through an application was my first real contact with telecom and advanced technology. And at Vodacom DRC, the leader in the world of telecommunication in Africa allowed me to enter the heart
    of their system by performing the link budget through PATHLOSS, the latter facilitating simulations in an area to be covered and presenting more information about the obstacles that may be encountered on an existing site or to create

  • Future Project

    To create my own FabLab in DRC and to become a node of Fab Academy

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International Marketing

Reja Reja SARL

Vodacom congo, a subsidiary of Vodafone UK, leader of the Congolese market.


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