Final Project

Orbit-in flux is a device that allows you to study changes at your desired pace. I am using a planetary gear system, with two small gears of the same size orbiting each other around the center gear, which is activated by a stepper motor. The potentiometer can control how fast the stepper motor moves. The structure is divided into three parts, gear platform, led and zoom lens mounting panels and the shell. Parts that use wood are the ones that expects more drilling and changes to the material state after laser cutting, since acrylic cracks easily with reworking. Laser-cut modules are attached onto two gears. This system allows me to customize any shape I need with the laser cutter. The state of a circle is reshapd every second, the amount of color that is seen in the screen shifts constantly.These fluxes speak metaphorically to human relationships in every day life, which is what interests me in my explorations.

You can read more about its development process HERE.

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