_week 19

Invention, Intellectual Property, & Income

The assignment of this week is to plan how to spread, disseminate our final project. Also to understand and choose what type of license I will be using for my work developed during the FabAcademy.
Besides this we also have to make a draft of our video and slide for our final project.


While working on this project I got a new idea for this door opening system that could become a smart cat shelter rather than a door opening-closing system.And I thought it would be great to begin by getting feedback from people who has pets or rescue animals. So I plan to share the prototype of this smart door with some animal rescue associations in Shanghai and also with a small company that does nutrition plans for dogs and cats, in orther to see if anyone is interested in collaborating with me and design smart shelters for the city.
In China we use a social platform called WECHAT and this would be my first main channel where I would share the project I am developing.
Besides this I would be hapy to share ot as well with the community of FabLab I volunteer at XinFab and with the FabLab where I am currently taking the FabAcademy.
Perhaps from these different groups I can get feedback, or even better other collaborators to improve my prototype or take it further into a smart cat shelter.


After reading several interesting types of licences I decided to use a Creative Commons license.
I knew about Creative commons since a while ago, and I wanted to give it a try and read a bit more about the licenses they have and if I could use one.

They are a non-profit organization that offer several licenses that you can use freely, you need to choose the one that suits you best, follow up the guides to apply it on your work/website and you are all set.

They offer 6 types of licenses, and as I support and like the idea behind the open source "culture", I decide that I would like people to be able to use my work freely, reproduce it, adapt it, this will make it grow =), I would be happy to collaborate with users or anyone who could be interested in this project.
Attributing what other people has done before you is super important, this is how I learnt many things throughout this course because of others work accreditation and sharing it. This helps ideas to grow.

The license I choose is:
Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Creative Commons License
FabAcademy Final project 2019 by Pamela Martello is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This guide takes you step by step on how to use it:
choosing and setting your license


Draft for the final project slide


Draft video for the final project:


You can find here the final slide and video I used for my final project:

_slide draft final project
_video draft


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