_project development

progress of final project


what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
_2D & 3D DESIGN ✔

what has worked? what hasn't?

_The structure of the house integrated with all the components works.
_The RFID tag reader works and the place where I put it makes it easy for the cat when she wants to come in to read it, but I can improve the reading by finding another RFID that has a longer reading range.
_Using 9V battery to make the system stand alone didn't work, the current is not enough for the whole system.
_Using a power adaptor 9V/2A stopped working, having issues with the voltage provided to the board. For prototyping purposes I used VCC and GND provided directly to CATccess board from the FTDI cable connected to my computer.

what questions need to be resolved?

-1 How does the system work?
-2 How does she get in and out?
-3 How to make sure the lock is locked on its place.
-4 How to make sure the tag is read when the cat passes?
-5 How to keep the door unlocked?

what will happen when?

I made a calendar of the stages to develop my project, it is inside final project menu, I tried to stick to it, which at the beginning happened, but then when the time starts to run out and tasks start to accumulate plans changed.
The way I focused the development the last weeks of the course was to design the project from the inside to the outside. Starting by the electronics and programming, moving out to the "shell" structure to finish up with the communication, layout design and other graphic design elements of the project.

what have you learned?

Successful or not I tried my best and gave all my energy and love into this project. Yes, many things have to be improved, but so far this final exercise has taught me a lot not only about digital fabrication but also about time management (which I still need to practice...), patience, being tired and sleepy but always careful when using equipment; adapting the tools and machines to my needs; stress management (also a long way to go to practice); how to find our own solutions and answers to questions, and most importantly self-awareness about our own capabilities.