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“Nothing is as it seems, but something is everything it is made out to be.”

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Who am I?


My name is Shafier Abdoelaziz and i'm a student at PTC in Suriname.I'm studying Application and i'm in my graduation phase.I also studied Networking and electronics.Participated in Hackatons and Hackomation and got inspired to do more in digital manufacturing.

Project Idea

Project Idea

CNC Machine 3 - Axis

The project idea is to build a 3 -axis CNC machine ,with optional 5- axis in the future.The machine will be desktop size ,so it will be transportable.It will also have a touchpanel to convert svg or stl to gcode.It will be designed to engrave hard surfaces.

Desktop Size

The machine is desktop size.


The machine is transportable.

Touch Panel

The machine has a touchpanel for quickwork.

Hard surface

The machine is build to engrave hard Surface

What inspired me to do this project

What inspired me to this project is because i want to create prototypes for our Lab.So when we got visit from people we can show them the prototype and the real machine.Also that we can bring the project to schools or institution to show them what a machine is and what it can do.


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