Final Project

On this page I will document everything related to my final project. Here you can find the final presentation of it as well as a brief summary of the project. I will also link to all the other weeks I worked on this project. The detailed project development can be found in the last assignment.

Bike Tracker

My first idea of the final project was to do a smart home/surveillance center. But later I decided to change my final project to do a bike tracker and you can read more about what the bike tracker will do and what my project plan is on my applications and implications page. Then I decided how I would like to publish my project and you can see the license on the Invention, Intellectual Property and Business Models page. Finally, all the details of the development of this project can be found on the Final Project Development page.

The bike tracker fitted on the frame

Summary of the project

Bike theft is a huge problem here in Germany, especially if you can't put your bike inside and you have an expensive one. And when the bike is stolen, it is most likely to never appear again. So for this reason already some bike trackers are commercially available, so you can find your bike in case it gets stolen. Another product with a different application is a bike battery, which you can charge with your bike dynamo and you can use to charge your phone for example. I wanted to integrate both and make a tracker that is powered by the dynamo when you are riding, and also charges the battery while riding.

After researching all the parts I went to create a charging circuit and then added an atmega328 to communicate with the GSM and GPS module. The detailed development is explained here.

The inside of the bike tracker

Bill of materials

Part Quantity Price Link
Li-Ion Charge IC (MCP73833T) 1 0,76 € Mouser
Bridge rectifier 1 0,50 € Mouser
Elko Capacitor 2200uF 1 0,53 € Mouser
5V Voltage regulator 1 0,38 € Mouser
3.7V Voltage regulator 1 0,94 € Mouser
Schottky Diode 1 0,41 € Mouser
MOSFET 1 0,45 € Mouser
Cable connector 2 0,83 € Mouser
Battery Holder 1 2,01 € Conrad
18650 Li-Ion Battery 1 7,39 € Conrad
GPS Module (Adafruit 746) 1 34,89 € Mouser
GSM Module (SIM800C) 1 6,01 € Aliexpress
3D print (filament) 48g 1,20 € Prusa
Plexiglas 24 cm² 0,40 € Plexiglas
PCB 24 cm² 1 € LPKF
Sum 58,53 €




Here you can download the files created during this week:
The presentation video
The presentation slide