Creaform 3D scanner

The creaform Handyscan 3D Scanner is used for Metrology-grade measurements: With Precisions of up to 0.030 mm (0.0012 in.), resolution of up to 0.050 mm (0.002 in.), high repeatability and traceable certificate. Highest measurement rate among all laser scanners: 480 000 measures/s. Stand-alone device: There is no need for an external positioning system, arms, tripod or fixture.Use on Reaserch and Eduacation, Aerospace, Automotive and transport and manufacturing

Fig 1 Creaform Handyscan..

Fig 2 Initial Calibration is needed before the scanning process

Fig 3 The calibration display is shown

Fig 4 Physical targets were needed to be place on the model in order to identify points on the cloud before to scanning.

Fig 5 When scanning, the first things shown on the display were the target location

Fig 6. Scanning Process of a hand drill.

Fig 7. Scanning Process of the drill on the software PC Vxmodel..

Fig8. Finally, we tested the accuracy of the scanning by printing the model on the Connex 260 by Stratasys.

Fig 9 Plate on the Connex 260 by Stratasys.

Fig 10. Printing mode selection Automatic on the Connex 260 by Stratasys. The reverse engineering of drill, needed post treatments to define some holes and nurbs and then we chose to use Inventor or Solidworks for final changes.


  • Download files here-part of the squeezer machine: