Eidha Al Rashdi

Fab Academy 2018

About Me

Hello, I'm Eidha Al Rashdi From UAE. I'm 21 years old mechanical engineering student in my 3rd year. I'm super excited to learn many things. Also excited to present my work here. You can take my contact from the bottom of the page. ( I took this photo from here)

Fab academy weeks

    Here I will put everything I learned every week, so you can witness my greatness
  1. Principles and Prctices
  2. Project Managment
  3. Computer-aided design
  4. Computer-controlled cutting
  5. Electronics production
  6. 3D scanning and printing
  7. Electronics design
  8. Computer-controlled machining
  9. Embedded programming
  10. Molding and casting
  11. Input devices
  12. Output devices
  13. Interface and application programming
  14. Networking and communications
  15. Mechanical design
  16. Machine design
  17. Wildcard week
  18. Applications and implications
  19. Invention, Intellectual property, and Income
  20. Project development

Final Project

Here you will see my final Project.