Week 1: Principles and Practices

Assignment:Plan and sketch a potential final project

On the first day, we got an introductory section from Professor Neil about Fab Academy, Fab Project, Class schedule and also about digital fabrication, which gives an idea about the fab academy course. I am very much excited to join this course, I only have experience in electronics for me this helps to learn a lot of new things like machine operation, building machines modelling and design etc.

Final Project Plan

Project Name:Communicating Power Adapter

My plan is to make a device that similar to a universal power adapter which measures the power consumption and we can communicate with this adapter. My aim is to establish a telephonic communication between adapter and human.in which devices can send its power consumption and all other details


  1. Realtime voltage and current consuption is monitored
  2. Manul and Internet control can be possible
  3. Establishing a chat conversation between Power adapter and User through smartphone

Final Project Plan Diagram

Final Project plan

There are lot variants of smart plugs are available in market, what I decided is to make something similar to that but gives some additional features like voltage current measurement.Most of the devices I found from online are only control the on/off through the internet.

So this product should be very use full to users to know how much their devices consumes, also we can able to make it as internet controlled switch, so that any user can make the working of devices from anywhere in the world.: Search results that I found over internet link 1 link 2

More Details about project visit Final project webpage