Claus S. Nicolaisen

Assisting a school in developing a strategy


I have spent the past 1.5 years as project manager for the FabLab@School initiative in Vejle municipality. FabLab@school Denmark has existed since 2013 and has currently led to establishment of 13 Labs / Makerspaces in public schools in the municipality. The project aims to bring student new valuable skills by introducing design thinking, digital fabrication and programming to the K12 context.

I have an educational and professional background as an airforce officer and which I have combined with a master in ICT-based Educational Design.

Finally and most importantly - I have always been curios about technology and its possibilities – and am rjust about to establish my own company seeiking to unfold the possibilities.


My core competencies include:

  • Strategy & organizational development
  • Project & change management
  • Process facilitation
  • Planning & execution
  • ICT-driven innovation
  • ICT-based educational design


I hope to achieve throughout knowledge about a wide range of technologies during FabAcademy. I am also eager to make new aquintences and am sure that we through this half year are albe to establish fruitfull long lasting relationsship.

Introduction to fellow students at the first global lecture

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