Final Project Development

What I learned:  How far I've come with my final project and what is still needed to be done.



What I did:


what is the deadline? How much time do I have left? The deadline is June 12, so I still have a little over a week to finish my project (I'm sorry I cant tell much because I want to patent my invention.. but this exercise really did help me get my ideas in order).  (After I presented my project I have until june 22 to make corrections and I was able to upload the project).



what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain? The tasks that have been completed are regarding how the program 1 will be linked to the program 2.  It still remains to finish building the stands where the device will be placed, and finish linking the programs made.(Now I must make the corrections to my page)


how will I complete the remaining tasks in time? I will complete the tasks in time by working very hard and trying to finish everything in about 4 days, contemplating  upgrade and upload my website.


what has worked? The car recognition program and the code to move the motor.


what hasn't? I have to redo the reflector (so they are press fit), I also need to create a place where the device can be


what questions still need to be resolved? How can I make the device faster, how can I design better and make the project look better, how can I make this device work for a whole parking lot.


what have you learned? I have learned a lot, how to build models in 2d and 3d. How to program and create circuits to do what I want. How to combine input and output devices. I I learned how coding works and the logic behind it. I also learned how the components of a circuit work together and how to design one. I really loved and enjoyed welding (probably my favorite part). t's been a lot of work, but I have also gained a lot of satisfaction. I didn't know anything about digital fabrication before I entered the Fab Academy and know I have a big notion of how things are made, it's been a tough journey but I love it. There still a ton for me to learn and to practice before I have the level I want to achieve, but I can't believe how many things I've learned.