Invention, intellectual property, and income

What I learned:  How to  create and document a license for my  final project, I also developed a plan for dissemination.



Sources and inspiration used:

IMPI: www.impi.gob.mx/

WIPO: www.wipo.int/

What I did:


I started by researching how I can protect my project here's what I found.


In Mexico there are different ways to protect an invention before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI).

You can apply for a patent, a utility model record, an industrial design record for an industrial model or an industrial design industrial design record.


A patent is: A patent is an exclusive right that is granted over an invention. In general terms, a patent empowers its owner to decide whether the invention can be used by third parties and, in that case, in what form. In return for this right, in the published patent document, the owner of the patent makes available to the public the technical information relating to the invention.


A utility model record is: an exclusive right that is granted to an invention and allows the right holder to prevent third parties from using the protected invention commercially, without their authorization, for a limited period.


An industrial design record of industrial design is: Industrial designs are compositions of lines or colors or three-dimensional shapes that give a special appearance to a product or work of craftsmanship. Industrial designs protect the ornamental or aesthetic appearance of a useful object, which is usually attractive to the sense of sight or touch, and can be reproduced in significant quantities.


Based on the research I decided that the best option for this invention is to patent it because it complies with the specifications according to the invention. It is worth mentioning that the patent is temporary, since it is a right that the owner has to exclude third parties from the exploitation of the invention for a maximum period of 20 years. Territorial, given that this right is only applicable in the country in which the patent has been granted.


To patent an invention it is necessary to fill out an application form with the name of protection that is desired (in my case patent), the data of the applicant, the data of the inventor, data of the agent, name or title of the investigation, date of disclosure prior (if applicable), priority claimed (country), filing date, proof of payment (this must be done prior to submitting the application to the entity), drawings of the invention, claim of the invention, summary or description of the invention, document accrediting the agent, transfer of rights document (if necessary), proof of deposit of biological material (if applicable), prior disclosure documents, priority documents and translation.


I intend to patent my project, the first tests will be made to scale, but in a real environment. This is due to the fact that I will make them in a real parking lot (the parking lot of the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla), but only in two boxes and it is applied to two real cars. Later I want to scale the project so that the university uses it in all the corridors of its parking lot. And with more time, once the version (which is no longer a prototype) is completely successful, propose to apply it in the parking lot of the Angelópolis shopping center, which is very close to the University. This space was decided due to the proximity to the University and the contacts with which it is counted.


I fund a lot of useful information both in IMPI as in WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) homepage (at the bottom of this page you can find the links).


Next, I present the draft of the poster to show my final project. I must say that my project contains sensitive data that I want to protect first before unveiling this page videos.