Mechanical design

What I learned:


How to make a mechanical machine.

Sources and inspiration used:

Sand spining art https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH4X8TwVmzI

What I did: First, we decided which kind of machine we were going to build. We chose to make a machine that draws patterns with sand over a disk that spins. Below you can see where we took inspiration from.


Together we started to brainstorm and sketch the ideas for the machine.


Below you can see the  the Solidworks files  in SolidWorks format and also in DFX

Click on each image

to download Solidworks  file

Click on each image

to download DFX  file

Below you cans see the  MDF pieces cut with laser

I contributed to designing  the base of the machine. I also helped by collecting all the information from the other members to organize it and make the group web page and the poster for the project.

I designed ind Solid Works the base of the machine. As a group we decided what form it would have, but i turned those ideas into reality by sketching them in Solidworks.  Then I went to the laser cutter machine and I cut the pieces, so I could ensemble  them and create the base (that looks a lot like a box).


The base is pressfit, so we didn't need to use nails or glue to put the pieces together.  The bas is made with  top  and four side.the top has holes and the side have both holes and parts that enter those holes.g


A possible improvement for the future is to build the machine in steel and use the water cutter machine (I would also love to learn how to use it). Maybe the design can be a bit changed so it is not that big (it's hard to find a spot to place the machine), it could be more portable.