Final Project——The magical undulating table

The basic idea

Firstly,I would like to do something help for the blind . For Example, the smart glasses could help the blind people see the world or the image. Another example, the kindle for the blind help Improve their reading conditions and rich reading choices. Before beginning to do,I made an online survey and found the following similar products or inventions. There are different ways to make kindle for the blind. The way I want to make it is a magical undulating table which can transform 2D pictures to 3D model .The table is consist of many small cubes . The cubes convert the gray scale information of the picture into different height changes through APP and array the 3D model of the picture.This means that it can array the Braille book in the form of picture ,not a line, but unit in pages. This is very different from the other principles of kindle for the blind.

The smart reading kindle for the blind

  • Braille display

    Each time only one line of text can be displayed and Expensive

  • Blitab From Australia

    It looks like a thick version of the Kindle with a button, used to convert the text in the U disk or the web page to the Braille display.

  • The Dot From South Korea

    The watch will be listed in December 2015 with a price of less than $300

  • Anagraphs

    The European Union blind kindle

  • Some deep thinking

    I realize the undulating table is not only useful for the blind but also interesting for the other people.It can be a very interesting intelligent interactive device.Suppose it's only the size of a computer keyboard,people can buy it and play the game of transferring 2D pictures to 3D models. For example, it can array our head portrait.With the same principle, we can also design Interactive urban landscape furniture. Maybe it can be a square or Landscape wall which is made up of many blocks that can be moved up and down or back and forth.People can sweep a WeChat two-dimensional code to play it through mobile phones. Of course, it is a big project.But it isn’t impossible.As a landscape designer,I have seen something works like it .The U-center Plaza designed by the Shanghai Zhangtang landscape studio next to Wudaokou subway station in Beijing is like a turntable with trees and fountains. It is marked by the water show lasting for 10 minutes and the turntable will begin another rotating cycle.Sichuan Kuan Zhai Alley has an interactive mechanical landscape wall. These interaction of people and landscapes is limited because of lacking of more changes and people's participation.But the undulating table transferring 2D pictures to 3D models has stronger interaction and more changes.

    The similar book or toy for the blind and the others

  • The "Braille book" that everyone can read

    The Thailand Association for the blind wants to break the so-called "estrangement" between the blind and the normal people. They have made a story book that everyone can read

  • Three-dimensional needle drawing

  • The similar landscape furniture or performance

  • Three-dimensional needle carving

  • The performance of movable type printing of 2008 olympic

  • What can I do something different?

    Firstly,the table consist of many small cubes transform 2D picture to 3D model immediately through the mobile phones or computers.
    Secondly,the table maybe can display a continuous performance according to a piece of music or a dynamic picture.
    Thridly, the interactive landscape undulating table can appear in my next design work.

    The possible problems and the proper solution