I have do some explore about multi-material 3D printer(I call it DM)which can print plastic(PLA or TPU),and metal(Sn) in one model.

In the meantime I do some basic practice about computer control engraving machine in MECHANICAL DESIGN and BUILDING week

I found the core point in this project is how to control the metal extrude. In Professor Neil 's advice. My finial project's topic change to 3D printing nozzle for Sn.

Key function:

  • My own board( contain ATmega328p) to control the machine;
  • NTC Temperature Sensor get the temperature of hot end;
  • Relay control the running of hot end;
  • A4988 Driver to control a stepper motor and then control the running of Solder wire;
  • Improve the hot end;
  • Design new coolant system to control the temperature of machine
  • So I design the structure as the following video


    In the following time, I would practice it and test it.

    Existing products

    I have do some basic research about similar machine,and list as following:


    This is a desktop machine,its nozzle can print conductive silver ink on base board, and then maker can use another method to SMT


    Festo team use 3D MID technology to make a bionicants which can operate similar with the real one.I attach the link: the make of bionicant The basic operate of 3D MID

    prototype1 and prototype 2



    prototype3inter pipe

    Potential problem

  • Prototype3:How to Conductive the pipe(Cross-sectional dimensions2*2mm )
  • DM machine:What's the conductor material for DM machine
  • DM machine operation:The method of solidify,to make sure the material can stand the heat
  • DM machine coding:Process the data from gerber and stl