I have do some explore about multi-material 3D printer(I call it DM)which can print plastic(PLA or TPU),and metal(Sn) in one model.

In the meantime I do some basic practice about computer control engraving machine in mechanical design and build week.

I found the core point in this project is how to control the metal extrude. In Professor Neil 's advice. My finial project's topic change to 3D printing nozzle for Sn.

So I design the structure as the following video


In the following time, I would practice it and test it.
  • My own board( contain ATmega328p) to control the machine;
  • NTC Temperature Sensor get the temperature of hot end;
  • Relay control the running of hot end;
  • A4988 Driver to control a stepper motor and then control the running of Solder wire;
  • Improve the hot end;
  • Design new coolant system to control the temperature of machine

  • More information

    In this semester, thank you for the following Instructor and maker to help me to finish the project

  • Prof. Neil Gershenfeld:Fab Academy Program Director
  • Saverio Silli: Fablab Shanghai Course Director
  • Ted Hung:Founder of Fablab Taipei
  • Thunder Zhang: the co-founder of NexPCB, Bigbang coffee, NexMaker.He support fund to me in FAB academy
  • Jun Xu:The Embedded control maker. He help me to improve the electric design and Embedded program
  • Egbert Jiang:Maker who help me in MECHANICAL DESIGN and BUILDING
  • Vicky Chen: Industry designer.He help me to do the wildcard workshop by Vicky's mortise and tenon machine
  • Ben:He help me to improve slide and video for finial project
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