Project Development

Assignment: Complete your final project, tracking your progress.

Answer the following questions

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

Till now, I have done with following major tasks of the final project:

Following tasks yet remains to be completed:

What has worked? what has not?

Things in working:

Things which has not worked yet:

What questions need to be resolved?

What will happen when?

What When
Assembling the boards in the box/casing June 10, 2018
Finalizing the code June 11, 2018
Give final shape to the device June11, 2018
Summary slide June 12, 2018
Finalizing the final video June 12, 2018
Final presentation June 18, 2018

What have you learned?

In the whole process of "final project", I have learned alot. Almost every skilled touched in making and designing the final project.
In this process my many skills improved drastically. Feel bit more comfortable in PCB designing, milling the boards, soldering the SMD based components, 3D designing and printing, laser cutting, and many other hidden things improved like thinking capability, judging the things, and forecasting the outputs of different projects. In short, I can say that this fab academy broaden my thinking capabilities.

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