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Computer Controlled Machining

I designed some parts that would be cnc'd using the ShopBot. You can see more how I got well rounded in the woodshop in the Computer controlled Machining Week. I learnt a lot from the mistakes I had during that week and avoided them while I was fabricating the structure for my final Project.

I saved the designs I created for my final project as DXF then imported them into the VCarvePro to set the settings for the machining operation.

Before imporitng them into the Vcarve, I used Rhino to separate them into layers since I have multipe jobs.

The tool I used is the 1/4" endmill and set the settings for it as seen below.

The first job I set was the 9mm pocket as seen below for the parts marked in pink.

The settings for the 9mm pocket is seen below.

Next, I set the settings for the 5mm pocket where the acrylic separation would fit.

The settings for the 5mm pocket is seen below.

Next, I set the settings for the 17mm pocket where the servo motor would fit.

The settings for the 17mm pocket is seen below.

Next I set the inside cut as seen below.

The settings for the inside cut is seen below.

Lastly, I set the settings for the out cut as seen below.

I set the depth of cut to 18.5mm not 18 to make sure it cuts all the way through since there's a sacrificial layer any way.

I had 5 jobs to do, 3 pockets, an inside cut and an outside cut. The whole process took an hour and a half as seen below.

I used the preview to make sure all the jobs were ordered correctly before launching the machine.

Then I set the zero of the machine for the x,y and z axis as I learnt before in the CNC Machining Week.

The above video shows a part of the milling process.

Once all the parts were done, I had to do some sanding to get a perfect finish, then I painted it all in black, even the 3D Printed parts. The only thing I left in white is the funnel.

You can download the needed files HERE.

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