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CAD Design for the Katara

3D Design Using Fusion360

During Computer Aided Design Week, we tried many softwares and during the past 6 months I used Fusion 360 to do all the design related task.

I wanted to design something that would look close to a water drop as my project includes water integration.
Parts of the design are going to be CNC'd, others will be 3D Printed and Lasercut.

I started with the frame, I used the Spline Tool to draw the outer border as seen below.

Then I mirrored the above to have a closed shape.

After that I created an offset of the outer border.

Then I created another offset for the spline to have the subtraction where the tube will be hidden.

Then I added the joints where the two pieces of wood would fit together and mirrored the whole thing to have them fit on top of each other.

Next, I designed the bottom box that will hold the water tank and electronics. I designed 3 parts that will be CNC'd.

Then I started extruding the designs to see how it looks in 3D. The thickness of the wood I'll be using is 18mm.

Then I started cutting the parts that should be cut and adding pockets.

Then I did cut for the top part of the box to have the two frame pieces it there and added wholes for both the LED Strip and the water tube.

Then I added the pocket for the tube and the wire of the Servo Motor. I set it to 9mm only because it will be pocketed from both sides which gives me a room of 18mm.

The last pocket I added was a 5mm pocket for the acrylic separation in the box. To have the water tank and the electronics separated.

Next, I created components from the bodies I created to be able to assemble them.

Then I started assembling them by choosing Joint and selecting the position of the joint from the first component and the second component.

After joining all the components together, I started designing the side parts and the back part.

And this is how it all fits together!

The only thing that's left to design is the funnel that will feed the flowing water into the water tank again. To do That I used offset planes and loft to create a swirly effect.

I repeated that multiple times till I got the final funnel as seen below.

You can download the design HERE.

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