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3D Printing

FDM Printed Parts

3D Printing is an Additive Manufacturing technology that turns digital design to tangible 3D objects.
You can see more details on how I learnt about this technology in the 3D Printing Week. The machine I used is the Ultimaker 2+.

I have designed multiple parts in my final project to be manufactured using 3D Printing.

The first part I decided to print is the back part of the box that carries the water tank and electronics.

After I saved the file as STL, I opened it with Cura. I used the following settings:

The print took 15 hours and needed 30 minutes of post processing to be able to remove the support generated in the tracks.

The next part I printed was the left and right joints. I also used Cura asn set the same settings.

The print took around 11 hours and the result is seen below.

The last thing I printed is the funnel. The funnel was self supported and didn't need any support. I used the same settings as before since I used the same material and the results were great.

The result is seen below and I so much like how it turned out!

SLA Printed Tank

I decided to print the water tank using SLA since I want it to be water proof.
The printer available in the lab is the Form2 and I used clear resin to print the tank so I can see the water level.

The settings I set in Preform are seen below.

I tested the tank by filling it with water and leaving it over night to make sure it doesn't leak. When I came back the second day it was all good :)

You can download the STL files HERE.

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