FabAcademy 2018 Jose Luis Reategui

ref Jose Luis Reategui

I am an architect with the soul of maker, since my first years in college I decided to seek knowledge in different areas of knowledge, this is how I learned to develop software, create cnc and 3D printers, work with parametric design, also creating Iot Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

My work experience has given me the following skills:

  • 1. Parametric design and scripts for complex geometrical operations.
  • 2. Use of Mqtt protocol to develop Internet of things.
  • 3. Unity3D to produce Apps on Android and IOs devices.
  • 4. Development of Neural Networks to create Artificial Intelligence.
  • 5. Use of Computational Physics to simulate the behavior of materials.
  • 6. Use of cloud computing through Amazon Web Services.
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    My research focuses on developing knowledge and techniques that allow a more balanced society, more respectful of the environment, and especially with more equity, I believe that technology is the key to a happier future