My name is Alec Mathewson. I am currently managing a Fab Lab at Lower Canada College, a k-12 school in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I teach design, I run co-curricular activities for students of all ages, and I help other teachers design projects that integrate STEAM education into their curriculum.
I come from a few different creative backgrounds but my main interests include designing objects, making interactive installations, and experimenting with media and digital fabrication. I am motivated to help people become more curious about the way things work and to embrace failure as a way of learning how to think outside-the-box. I am at the Fab Academy because I see a tremendous opportunity to bring the philosophy behind Fab Labs to my work as an artist and a Fab Lab Coordinator.
I have worked a lot on installations and as a professional video editor and documentary filmmaker. I have designed furniture and I am currently designing my own educational products. Check out my online artist portfolio HERE to get a sense of what I like to do.