Hello, My name is Adhitya and I am an Architect by profession. I graduated in 2014 from TSA, Coimbatore, TamilNadu. I started working in an Architecture firm and was primarily working on a variety of landscape projects. Fabrication (Metal and likewise) were an elementary part of the design schemes that I worked on. I wanted to explore this further and that is when my interest in digital fabrication was intrigued, as technology is something that I’ve always been interested and curious about.


It's not the product but the process and the idea behind it that excites me. That being said,it's not just about having an idea but giving it life that actually matters.I took up Fab academy to learn the processes that are involved in making a product / prototype. The way I see it, Fabrication and Computer aided design is like photography - Creating art with the help of technology. My desire is to create better designs/products with the collaborated skills of both the fields.




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