The Fab(ulous) Lab Journey of Sophie K.

About Me


My name is Sophie Kiarie. This is my first time entering the fab lab family. I am very excited to see where the projects will take me...

I am a Kenyan-German currently studying "Digital Music and Sound Art" at the University of Brighton in the UK. I love music and new approaches to it. I am particularly fascinated by music when it's used to help others, such as allowing others who are physically disabled to create it or using it as a calming mechanism for others with depression or anxiety. Animation and game sound is my preferred area as I like creation out of "nothingness", starting from scratch, and making magical soundtrack compositions.

I enjoy dancing, something I've been doing for as long as I remember. I dance Hip-Hop, but I am very captivated by Contemporary dance. I also play the Violin, my primary instrument, as well as the Alto Saxophone, Ukulele (self-taught). I wish to learn the Guitar, Drums and Piano (mainly the Piano of the three though). I like to make music but also listen to it. I'm probably listening to music 80% of my day, either actually or listening to something in my head. I enjoy baking and playing video games too.

I'm currently in my final year at University and have my final year project due date coming up around the same time as my fab lab final project. Because of this, I'd like to tie the two projects together. My University final year project is to be a game that I'll be making myself. I'd therefore like to create something to pair with it; a controller. As my game won't require many buttons to use in the game, I will be looking to make a simple handheld controller, preferably wireless so that I could potentially use it with other consoles, that has a button or two and a joystick.