3D Modelling Assignment

This part of the program that it´s my area. My background is Design, so I had in my university classes of Rhino and AutoCAD as 3D program. During my time working I also had experience with SketchUp. Some old works with the 3D softwares:

AutoCAD: carro
SketchUp carro
For the 2 the 2D software i'm used photoshop, coreldraw and illustrator as 2D vectors programs.I tried in the viniel cutter the Inkscape (see more details week 3). I used a image from the internet as a based for the vector that i wanted.
I paste a jpg on the software and used the "line" tool to draw curves and straight lines overlapping the image.
laser laser It was pretty simple to make vectors with it . I could say it is a preety good 2D program with easy undertanding and a lot of differents commans . For basic use i didn't miss anything on it.
I tried SolidWorks,I could notice that SolidWorks is much more techical tha rhino. I started to watch tuturial to undertand the software , however because I had to buy a computer when I was not expecting, my new computer didnt’t have space for two different 3D software. So, I decide keep using the Rhino because is the software that I have more experience with. I was still not sure how is going to be my final project so I decide to practice coping a tutorial from a YouTube how to do a homemade car with control.

I started to do a 2D drawing with the measurements that they gave on the tutorial. I just use the comand line to do it because it was a really simple form.


After I the comand "extrude" to make it 3D. I had to guess the height because i was not sure the material i would use for my final project.


After i use "move", "rotate" to place the part on the right place I did "trim" to make edges rounded to make it look more real.


It was a pretty simple 3d modeling, i didn't want to spend much time with it and focus in building better my website. In the future i'm planning using fusion 360 to have a good parametric software. Here is the file.