Applications and Implications

What will it do?

I will do a paper airplane launcher, for be use to teach kids the digital fabrication.

Who's done what beforehand?

That is a project that the company Mundo Maker (that i used to work before) create and i wanna to redesign to learn better the project and that be able to be use here in FabLab Barcelona.

What will you design?

I will redesign the project, i will design my board to control all the motors.

What materials and components will be used?

I will use 3 motors , one sound sensor, one microcontroller, wood/acrilic and plastic (3D printer).

Where will come from?

It all from the FabLab.

How much will they cost?

Around $30

arduino arduino arduino arduino arduino

What parts and systems will be made?
The main board, the designed, the connections.

What processes will be used?

Laser cutting, milling, soldering, 3D print.

What questions need to be answered?

How connect the sensor to the bord?
How to conect the sevor motor with the dc motors pice with a 3D piece?
How the kids will interract with ir?
How to make a project that can be replicated and improved?

How will it be evaluated? It will be evaluated through the kids, for how much they got interested on it and engaged with the project.