Fab Lab Happiness

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Normally, when you design a fab lab project, always imagine the most revolutionary idea that you can and all of them, in my opinon are great.
This project does not seek to create a wonderful idea but to create a space for you, to imagine it. A place characterized by happiness. This project pursuits the feeling of happiness on my partners. In my experience, the best ideas occur when happiness prevail. It's impossible for me to achieve them when I'm sad, bored or annoyed.
The project is to design a slide to enter into the Fab Lab Lima, that will have:
1.Generated energy by Dynamos and LED lighting when a person is going down the slide.
2.Have motion sensors and LED latches.
3.The structure will be a parametric design, using rhino + grasshopper Programs.
You could be sad, upset, sleppy, but whenever you enter sliding and turning on lights to the fab lab will be definitely with a smile and a great idea awaiting to be discovered.