Comptuter-Controlled Cutting

I started to learn to use the tools (Inkscape, by a little project and a gift for my nieces :

design, make, and document a press-fit construction kit

I will build-up a cardboard-shelf to put some little objects but it should be possible to increase the size of the shelf for books or CD.

1st step, the drawing :

I did use Inkscape to create the drawings which will allow me later to use the lasercutter. I did select the  view  button and then the  grid  one. I am now able to start the drawing with the grid for helping me. I am using the button  Draw Beziers curves and straight lines  to creat my drawings.
The cardboard  that I will use to print my drawings will have a thickness of 0,4 cm. I need to know it this information to set the good value of my notches on my 2 drawings.


I did set for the rectangle the values of 11,983 cm * 15,086 cm and a sharp close from a square get as values 4cm * 4cm. Each notches have
a thickness of 0,4 cm

(see below the drawing)


The drawing above to be handled by the Illustrator has been saved in "svg" format allowing me to use any victorielle software to print my drawings.

2nd step, the printing:

I will print the drawing on a cardboard which have a thicness of 0,4 cm. I need to prepare the machine by push on the button "autofocus" which will allow the machine to get ready to cut the cardboard.

picture of lasercutter

After that, I can use the both drawings that I did prepared above and copy each of them as much as needed on a new page matching to the size of the cardboard, I go to use.
So mesure  you cardboard ans set the value. When you copy your drawings to a new page double check that any change did occur regarding the sclae and the size of your drawings. As if you make a mistake then your printing won't match anymore to the value you did set. Be sure it is not occuring.
see below the example of drawing copied several times.

I did transfert my drawings above with the "svg" format on the Illustrator software and I did prepare the printing by doing these steps:

click on print
placement set X 0 and Y 0
click on preferences
black and white
but also possible
Manual color fill
speed 0.1
power 100
ppi 400

pictures of cuts:

On the fist picture, you can see some burns on the cardboard due to a wrong setting regarding the speed used which was to slow
On the second picture, the lasercutter is applying the autofocus to get ready tp cut cardboard
On the third picture, you can see the result of a cut done by laser

3rd step, build the printed pieces:

This is the result of the cutting out done by laser (during my work, the first time I didn't cut any notches or joints on the rectangle but I did correct after the advise of Alex Schaub. Without the joints on the rectangles the construction is very less stable)

The pieces, once cut

the pieces all together, I finally get my cardboard-shelf