After drawing the frame, i have passed to the next target: draw the Power Distribution board. This board has the task of power, through the battery, the esc of the motors and, thanks to a 5v voltage regulator, the board for the control of flight.

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Initially, with Daniele, we had planned on doing a power distribution board and a board for the flight control separately: after thinking together, we came to the conclusion it would be better to make one single that included both board. Create a single board, which includes both, it has several advantages:

So, to create a single board I first realized the power distribution board, and once finished I pass the Eagle files to Daniele that has implemented the board for the flight control.

The realization of the power distribution board was something quite simple, where the only constraint I had was to try to create a board that has the size of the central part of the frame of the drone.

First I put the components in the schematic, that is:

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After placing the components in the schematic I started to arrange them in the board view, but before doing this, I measured the size of the central part of the drone, and adapted to this size my work area of Eagle.

The arrangement of the components and their connection was easy, considering the few constraints that I had:

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Once finished i pass the Eagle file to Daniele so that he could insert the flight controller board.